Pitco Frialator Fryers: A Guide to Choosing the Best

Pitco Frialator is considered a commercial-grade gas fryer that comes with a range of important characteristics. The company manufacturers numerous models, some known for their energy-efficiency and others characterised with an excellent output. The company itself has been around ever since 1918, which gives it traditions and ensures the quality of the equipment.

If you’re looking for commercial fryers (for a restaurant, a café or another facility that needs high output), Pitco products will be ideal for you. Here’s some more information about those products and their characteristics.

Types of Pitco Frialator Fryers

You have several models and fryer varieties to choose among.

Pitco Frialator 45C+S-LP Economy Propane Fish Fryer


One of the popular products developed by the company is the Pitco Frialator 45C+S-LP Economy Propane Fish Fryer.

This appliance is characterized by a massive stainless steel body, energy-saving functioning, galvanised sides and a thermostat that can be used to set a temperature in the range from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. For added safety and convenience, the fryer comes with an integrated gas control valve, automatic pilot valve, a pressure regulator and an automatic main valve. The gas control valve is used to stop the gas flow until the pilot is lit. There’s a temperature limit feature that shuts off the pilot if the temperature goes above the maximum of 400 degrees.

There’s a front drain that allows the easy emptying of the fryer. Some of the other characteristics that it comes equipped with include two nickel-plated baskets, one tube rack, a removable basket hanger and adjustable legs. The oil capacity is 42 to 50 pounds and the fryer produces up to 66 pounds of fries per hour.

Pitco Frialator SG18-S Commercial Gas Fryer


A second popular item from the same range, the SG18-S Commercial Gas Fryer is a heavy duty model that’s suitable for all kinds of restaurants, bistros and fast food joints.

The oil capacity of this fryer is 70 to 90 pounds. As in the case of the first fryer, this one is made of solid stainless steel.

The fryer features the Pitco Solstice burning technology. The technology necessitates no ceramics or blower. There’s also a millivolt thermostat that controls the temperature in the range from 200 to 400 degrees. Two baskets are incorporated in the design and the fryer has a capacity of 120 pounds of French fries per hour, making it more effective than the first model mentioned in the review.

Keep in mind that this model is also bigger and heavier than the 45C+S-LP.

Pitco Frialator 45C+S-NAT Economy 50 Lb Natural Fish Fryer


This is another economy fryer that saves a lot of energy while having a relatively high output. The fryer can produce 66 pounds of French fries per hour, which makes it great for a medium to high volume restaurant.

The body of the Pitco Frialator fryer is made of stainless steel. The sides and the back are galvanized. The thermostat controls the temperature in the range from 200 to 400 degrees. There’s a front door for easier opening and cleaning of the fryer.

Pitco Frialator 45C+S-NAT Economy 50 Lb Natural Fish Fryer comes with two wire mesh baskets, a nickel-plated tube rack and a removable basket hanger. The oil capacity of the fryer is 42 to 50 pounds.

Why Pitco?

If you’re wondering about the purchase of a fryer, you’re probably considering a couple of brands. When it comes to commercial equipment, Pitco is one of the most reputable names.

For more than 80 years, Pitco has been specialising in the manufacturing of frying equipment for commercial venues.

Pitco’s frialators are in a different category and they’re more efficient than bottom-fired fryers. Statistics show that the heat transfer is 30 per cent more efficient in comparison to other brands. The oil is heated from the bottom up and there’s a larger than usual cool zone that reduces oil breakdown and taste transfer.

Pitco fryers come with warranties and detailed use instructions. The manuals are available online, as well as provided with the product itself. They outline all of the steps – from installation to cleaning after the use of the commercial fryer. Getting acquainted to the frialators is a relatively easy task and they can be used safely by people that haven’t worked on a commercial fryer in the past or that don’t have a ton of experience with such equipment.