Getting Pitco Fryer Parts for Your Frialator


Pitco’s frialators rank among the most popular and efficient commercial fryers. The specialised Pitco technology results in a better frying process, more energy-efficiency and reduced oil waste. Keeping the frialator in a good condition, however, will involve proper maintenance and the eventual replacement of some parts.


The good news is that you’ll find the needed Pitco fryer parts for purchase online. The company puts emphasis on quality customer service. Even if something goes wrong with your fryer, you’ll still find the replacements that can fix the problem and extend the longevity of the equipment.

Searching for Pitco Fryer Parts

To find Pitco fryer parts, you’ll need to do a basic online search. You’ll come across a number of possibilities. Check for the authenticity and the compatibility of the item before getting it. Certain pieces may seem standard but they’ll only be compatible with particular frialator models.


Before buying anything, you should also assess the reputation of the seller and make sure that you’re getting genuine quality. Getting a warranty is one of the keys to being satisfied about the purchase.

The Most Commonly Needed Pitco Fryer Parts

Certain parts of your Pitco fryer are likely to get worn out faster than other components. Here are some of the most common items that you’ll need to have replaced through the years:


Magnetic Catch for Fryer Doors

Always take a look at the size and the compatibility of this component. Though these are typically standard, there could be some variations that render the magnetic catch unusable for your frialator model.


The magnetic catch comes with a standard size of three by three by three inches. Its weight is one pound. Some sellers may feature discounts for bulk purchases – look for such an opportunity before finalising your order.


Fryer Basket Hanger

Though the fryer basket hanger is made of stainless steel, which turns it in a quite tough frialator piece, you may still need to have yours replaced. Look for a replacement part that features the same quality as the original. It should be made of stainless steel – a metal that’s very durable and very easy to clean at the same time.


The standard size for Pitco fryer basket hangers is 12 by six by six inches. Still, you may want to check in your fryer’s manual to make sure that the piece of equipment you have features the standard size.


Fryer Filter Systems

Pitco has a portable fryer filter system that’s compatible with nearly all fryer varieties. The standard capacity of this filtration product is 75 pounds of oil. One of its most important characteristics is a low profile that enables replacement underneath the frialator’s drain.


Just like other Pitco replacement parts, this one is made of durable stainless steel. The filtering area is extra-large, thus the system is the perfect addition to a commercial fryer. The filtration system has on/off switches for easier operation. The capacity of the pump is 5.6 gallons of oil per minute.


Frialator Baskets

The basket of a commercial fryer is probably the most used part of the frialator. The mesh wire could eventually get damaged or clogged with food buildups. It’s always a good idea to keep a couple of replacement baskets in stock, especially if your venue services a large number of customers every single day.


Most of the frialators work with the same baskets but when doing the research, you may still want to double check for compatibility.


Filter Hoses

The filter hose is a relatively vulnerable part that may get damaged with long-term use. This is another Pitco fryer spare part that you may want to stock up on in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the equipment.


Oil Disposal Aid

Apart from building quality fryers, Pitco has oil disposal products that are aimed to simplify one of the messiest aspects of maintaining the equipment – the disposal of oil.


This isn’t a spare part per se but a piece of additional equipment that you may want to acquire. The product is called Pitco FatVat. Its capacity is 40 pounds and it can handle the oil from one fryer at a time. the FatVat has wheels that make it a lot easier to dispose of the used oil. The piece is specially designed to line with the drain valve. All you have to do is attach the drain nipple and open the valve to get rid of all the used oil.


When choosing spare parts, think in advance of your needs. Some of these pieces (like additional baskets and hoses) may be bought in advance because you’ll certainly have a need for such pieces. Everything else can be bought on-demand.