Breville Halo Health Fryer Review: How Effective Are They?

The best words to describe the Breville Halo Fryer are versatility and revolutionary. This futuristic machine will make you wonder how you ever cooked without it. The Breville Halo is the very best in deep fat fryers. You have the option to not include any oil in all your meals, and still be able to enjoy crispy and golden quality servings of your favorite foods. You will receive healthy foods with the same quality taste that fried foods give, without any “mushy middles” like some fryers produce.

The new technology on this fryer is convection heat using halogen technology. The heat is evenly distributed with a fan to ensure food is properly cooked throughout the process. Aside from the fan-assisted unit, there is also a removable rotatable paddle which turns your food until the meal is done to perfection. The paddle can be removed, if you choose to cook without it.

Also, add in the reversible roasting rack and you will discover an ideal way to grill items such as chicken and potatoes. The roasting rack allows for any excess fat to drip onto the bowl below. The Breville Halo Health Fryer includes many cool components to work with to make your cooking experience user-friendly, versatile, and exceptionally prepared.  Simply remove the paddle, and place your delicious food picks on the reversible roasting rack.

The included rotating bowl is designed specifically for the Breville Halo as it is removable and comes with a snap-on handle, making it a portable serving dish straight from the fryer. If you are unsure about cooking times, this handy machine has the capability to illuminate the bowl internally, allowing you to monitor progress.

The only drawback for this healthy fryer is the paddle can sometimes become an inconvenience and get in the way while trying to fry fresh fries as opposed to frozen ones. Real potatoes can easily get caught on the paddle and must be nudged away to ensure that they are cooked thoroughly. The alternative is to remove the paddle completely from the unit and just throw the potatoes into the roasting rack – this works efficiently and produces delicious fries.

This is what you can expect in your Breville Halo Health Fryer package:

  • Breville Halo Health Fryer
  • 1 Reversible Roasting Rack
  • 1 Measuring Spoon
  • 1 RemovableNon-Stick Rotating Bowl
  • 1 Unique Removable Paddle
  • User Guide with Delicious Recipes

Check out these amazing features this healthy fryer includes:

  • LCD Color Change Format
  • Illuminated Timer Control
  • Digital Display
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Timer with Sound Alert
  • Dishwasher-safe, Easy to Clean
  • Cool Touch Handle
  • Over 2 lb Food Capacity

When the recipe calls for oil — only a spoon is required, leaving your finished dish less than 99.5 percent fat-free. The Breville Halo has many cooking options available. Take advantage of the fryer’s capability to cook, bake, fry, sauté, or roast.  The rotating non-stick bowl is going to keep the food in constant motion to ensure even cooking and browning of all the ingredients inside.

With this flexible, futuristic machine you will quickly notice the double-cooking action taking place. The method used is a radiated heat source elevated by a fan-assisted convection using a halogen heating element. There is never a need to preheat your Breville Halo — it is ready to go as soon as you turn it on.

This perfect fryer doesn’t require you to be a highly-experienced chef or even a halfway decent cook. There are user-friendly instructions and some tasty recipes included to try out even for the most novice chef amongst us. The digital timer can assist you with the actual cooking time, beeping when the process is complete.

There are fryers and there are convection ovens. Both are polar opposites in cooking ingredients for a meal. What Breville did was spend much research and time to marry the two together with some great innovative technology. And they did so with health in mind.

If you have used traditional fryers, then you already know the fat content which remains in deep-fried dishes, not to mention the safety issues pertaining to hot oil and the messy clean-up. Isn’t it time for something completely different? By taking advantage of the latest technology, you are getting the very best for your money in many ways.

The Breville Halo Health Fryer is compact, with a sleek design and is budget-friendly. Because it has won the hearts of health-conscious consumers, you can expect to see this model as one of the best of 2016 and into 2017.  If you haven’t ever seen one in action, you can learn more here.