Best Turkey Fryer

A well-prepared, delicious and tender turkey isn’t that easy to cook. You need some skills and you should also have the right equipment. When it comes to making a turkey in a deep fryer, some appliances will do a much better job than others.

Having the wrong appliance will simply result in the most unappetizing greasy mess that you’ve ever seen. This is why it’s imperative to dedicate some time to research and choose the right model.

Don’t know where to get started? Here are a few suggestions. We’ll start with the best turkey fryer on the market and explore a couple of runners up, as well.

Bayou Classic 3025

Bayou Classic 3025 features the best possible price to quality ratio. This is one of the main reasons why the 30-quart aluminum turkey fryer heads numerous charts. It can be combined with the Bayou Classic Single Burner Patio Stove or it can be used with other equipment to deliver delicious results every single time.

The classic turkey fryer can comfortably fit an entire turkey and the cooking process will require approximately 45 minutes. The fryer circulates the oil inside, which results in even cooking and juicy results. It’s made of commercial grade aluminum that gives the fryer toughness and that’s easy to maintain in an excellent condition.

For added convenience, the fryer is provided with an accurate thermometer and a perforated poultry rack for safe frying.

This is a specialized product that’s been designed for the frying of turkeys and other poultry. It has a tall and narrow design that’s perfect for the specific product and that also reduces the risk of oil splattering.

The aluminum that the fryer is made of results in a lightweight product that’s easy to take around. In fact, the fryer is so light and easy to transport that it can effortlessly be brought on a camping trip or another outdoor adventure. All of these characteristics come together, resulting in a practical and easy to use piece.

Waring Pro TF200B Rotisserie Turkey Fryer and Steamer

A very close runner up, Waring Pro TF200B is a more sophisticated rotisserie turkey fryer. Though it costs more than the first entry in the list, the appliance has a couple of great characteristics that turn it in a best-seller.

The fryer is big enough to hold an 18 pound turkey. The cooking time will be approximately 30 minutes per pound. There’s also an aluminum frying rotisserie basket that spins inside the fryer, allowing for the even cooking of the meat.

It’s an electric fryer that’s the perfect alternative to outdoor fryers like Bayou Classic 3025. In addition to being a wonderful appliance for indoor use, this Waring Pro fryer features a range of accessories and safety features that make it even more exciting. These include automatic shutoff when the oil reaches a temperature exceeding 450 degrees Fahrenheit, an easy lift cooking basket, a vented lid, a drain valve for the easy removal of the oil, a meat thermometer and indicator lights.

Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

Here’s another option for safe and easy indoor turkey frying. Masterbuilt 23011114 Buterball is a bit less expensive than Waring Pro but the appliance still features a range of cool functionalities.

The fryer can cook a turkey that weighs up to 20 pounds and the fryer’s design allows for the use of smaller quantities of oil. If you plan to fry bigger turkeys, there’s an XL version of the same appliance.

A couple of noteworthy characteristics include thermostat temperature controls, a body made of tough and durable stainless steel, vegetable steaming options, porcelain-coated interior, 1,650-watt heater, a lightweight aluminum cooking basket, drain valve for the effortless removal of oil and a compact design.

Brinkmann 815-4001-S

The final suggestion will appeal to the individuals looking for an outdoor fryer. Brinkmann 815-4001-S is the smallest fryer in the series but the company has also developed products that can accommodate larger turkeys.

Brinkmann’s fryer has a 30-quart capacity and it’s made of aluminum. The set also includes a 45,000 BTU cast iron burner. The set’s completed through the inclusion of a 12-inch stainless steel thermometer for accuracy and better control over the frying process.

A few other conveniences that the outdoor fryer comes equipped with include temperature sensor that shuts the gas off automatically when the oil reaches a certain temperature, a turkey stand and hook and a cooking basket. On the downside, there’s no drain valve or indicator lights but the fryer is still a great product for outdoor use.